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Coach Steve’s Nine Training Drills

#1. Dedication Comes First:

Finding that day-to-day commitment to duty by acquiring and maintaining a positive attitude which puts you on top of your game 24/7. It’s your life; are you making the most of it?

 #2. Can We talk?:

Quality is not a lesson…it is a lifestyle, and effective communication is the key ingredient in creating anything of quality. Never expect quality results by using ineffective communication…at work or with your family at home.

 #3.  The Inevitable Struggle:

Coping with the ups and downs of effectively balancing work and family. Preventive maintenance is the key in minimizing the downs.

 #4.  Family Finances:

Effective financial management keeps the door of opportunity open for you and your family instead of keeping you sealed in a state of confinement. It’s liberating.

 #5.  Child Care:

This is the foremost concern of most working parents. They need safe, reliable, and affordable child care which gives them peace of mind while they’re away from their children earning a paycheck.

 #6.  Teaching Discipline to Children:

Children who adhere to rules make life more productive and less complicated for hard-working parents.

 #7.  The Seven Qualities of a Champion:

Learn them for yourself and teach them to your children. They will help you excel in reaching your goals throughout life.

 #8.  Time to Eat!:

Handy cooking tips and menu items that are affordable, nutritious, and quick to fix.

 #9.  Where’s Your Level of Happiness?:

Are your priorities stacked with short-term pleasure? or, long-term happiness?

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mail: 1075 N 1400 W Unit 13, St. George, Utah 84770